By Bobby Scribe.

Kings fans enjoy discussing their patience through decades of hope. They cherish its pain. There is a masochistic pleasure built within our foundational loyalty to the team that we feel gives us a right to distinguish ourselves from other hockey fans who have tasted the success of their respective franchise.

Those days are over.

We shall not lament the past for it is irrelevant to our present.

The Los Angeles Kings shall no longer accept a good effort as the hallmark of success. We will not take solace in the fleeting reward of a team that is hard to play against. We should be mindful of the journey that has brought us “here” but we cannot set our goals or take action in any direction that will return us to those inglorious days of resolve.

“Here” my fellow brothers and sisters of puck is the 2009-2010 season. We arrived on different trains and those that bring you this site each come from a different track. I am a child of the 80’s and have followed my beloved team for 29 years of my life. My co-conspirator in the guilty pleasure we share for the Kings is Jacob. He was but a child when the boys in silver and black under Captain Gretzky sailed to the Stanley Cup Finals in the 1992-1993 season.

Our differences only bring us closer. We are at the very nucleus of our passion Kings fans.

I will strive to bring you through my humble prose words to inspire and reflect on the future that is our present.

Jacob will incite you with his fervor molded through a fury that knows no compromise in style or substance.

Each of us will strive to report the news, game day and post game reports, exciting coverage of all that is Kings hockey both on and off the ice, and through your support and this site’s growth build on the existing relationships with those within the organization to bring unfiltered information to you, our fellow fan.

Strap on your helmet. Tighten the laces. Let the journey begin.

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