By Bobby Scribe.

Dean Lombari is the white on Frolov’s rice.  Dean is all over him.  He is not happy with 30 goals.  He wants 40.  He wants better timed goals.  He wants more effort.  He wants more, more, more…in fairness, who doesn’t want more out of every Kings player.  Is there a single one of us that do not want Kopitar and Brown to score more?  Hit more?  Don’t we want Brown to plant his butt in front of the goal more?  Don’t we want Greene to take less pucks to the face and make more tape to tape passes?  Don’t we want more from Jack Johnson, Drew Doughty, and every other player on this team?  Sure.  So to say he wants more is really not saying much of anything.

The better question is how Dean expects Frolov to achieve that.  If we stuck Kopitar on the line with Handzus and Simmonds, would his offensive production drop?  I think so.  If we had Kopitar’s linemate as Derek Armstrong would Kopitar’s production take an even bigger hit?  Yes.  That is not intended as a “knock” on those linemates.  Simmonds is a stud in the making.  Zeus has come into his own as a solid two way forward who gives consistent effort.  Derek Armstrong was…well, he was Derek Armstrong.  Great guy, A+ for character and a skill set that would not land him on the top 3 lines of any “good” team.

The fundamental problem with Dean’s request of Frolov for more is that Frolov will not be put into a position to do what Dean expects.  Frolov will not score 40 goals playing on the left wing of Handzus.  Won’t happen.  That is a shut down line that can play offense.  Put him on the left wing of Kopitar and Brown or perhaps even Williams and you have “more”.

This is not a criticism of Dean.  I am quite pleased that our general manager is unsatisfied with arguably the most effective offensive force and quite possibly the best two way player this team has had for the better part of the past three seasons.  But come on Dean, is Frolov going to be put into a position to succeed or are you putting the star quarterback on second string and wondering why he doesn’t throw more touchdowns?

Here is the article from latimes.com.  The article also discusses Sean O’Donnell and Jonathan Bernier.  Enjoy.

Dean talks about Frolov…and more

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