By Bobby Scribe,

The NHL has suspended Kings defenseman Sean O’Donnell 5 games (the remaining 3 preseason games and the first 2 season games) for a cross check on Matt Martin.  Here is Terry Murray’s account of the incident. “The Islanders player came across and it was a situation where it was a shoulder hit to the head area, one of those late hits that needs to be taken out of the game, in my opinion. In that situation, O’Donnell responded to protect his teammate, and that’s a good thing to see. With the culture we’re trying to build here, that’s exactly what we want to see happen. It’s a great message to all of the players on the team.”

I agree coach.  I didn’t see it but any player who takes liberties with one of our stars shall receive hell through fists and fury.  So it is written.  So shall it be done.

But, I have a different perspective on this and a question I will leave you with…if Evgeni Malkin had done exactly the same thing as Sean O’Donnell, would he have received a match penalty and suspended for 5 games?

We call that a rhetorical question.

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