By Surly Jacob.

Just 2 days after signing his first pro contract, Kings prospect and all-around tough guy Kyle Clifford was sent back to the Barrie Colts of the Ontario Hockey League.

Also cut from camp were forward Marc-Andrew Cliche and defenseman Andrew Campbell, who were assigned to Manchester.

With these cuts, the roster is almost complete.

Clune looks to have made the team as the resident pest. Westgarth still punches it out with Ivanans, who just may both remain on the roster as Manchester is already loaded with tough guys and fighters like Jordan Nolan, Michael Pelech, Dwight King and big bruiser Geoff Walker.

Brad Richardson is still in a fight to the finish with Trevor Lewis and Peter Harrold to play on the fourth line, or sit in the press box. It is hard to imagine Lewis could make the team as a spare forward, but Terry Murray also showed last year he had no qualms benching Richardson and Harrold, sometimes for long stretches.

Joe Piskula, Alec Martinez and Thomas Hickey are still battling for the remaining spot on defense. The suspension of Sean O’Donnell makes this a little more interesting, as there might be an opportunity for two of the three to stick around for the duration of O’Donnell’s suspension that will last until the 3rd game of the regular season.

Meanwhile, 18 year-old Brayden Schenn remains in camp. It certainly appears that he will get at the least a 9 game tryout, though it is not clear yet whether he will play on the fourth line, or alongside Purcell and Brown if Stoll is not 100% to start the season. My money is on Stoll missing some games and Schenn taking over until he is healthy.

Could it be possible that Schenn plays himself past the 9 game tryout mark? Unlikely, but its fun to think about.

Expect Schenn to be signed to a pro entry-level contract soon, though that is just speculation on my part. If there is any chance of him staying for 9 games, he’ll need to be signed before October 3rd.

Courtesy of Rich Hammond, here is the expected roster for Saturday’s game against the Avalanche in Las Vegas. We hope to see you there!




It is interesting that Hickey will not be playing. This tells me that Hickey has impressed and essentially earned a spot on the team unless Martinez can up his game, which he is being given the opportunity to do by getting paired with Drew Doughty.

UPDATE – is reporting that Joe Piskula is currently on waivers and will be assigned to Manchester if he clears, though it is not official yet. (here)

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2 replies

  1. "Westgarth still punches it out with Ivanans"

    If I'm not mistaken, if we DID send Ivanans down, Clune would be the only left winger left for the 4th line. I suppose Harrold can fill that roll, being that he plays every other position, which begs the question, Does Harrold play goalie too? But it seems to me, like you indicated, we just may keep both garth and ivan.

  2. Don't forget that many of the games Richardson played last year, he played as Zus' LW. Lewis I believe has also plugged in at LW in practices and scrimmages, and I'm sure Mr. versatility Peter Harrold can as well.

    I have a feeling though both Ivan and Westy will stay on the team, at least to start the season. Ivanans is nursing a nagging injury as Hammond reported, and I also think that the team wants to keep the toughness level up. It would seem they want these guys fighting and scrapping at every opportunity it would seem.

    If we start the season with Clune-Lewis-Westgarth as the 4th line, I will be good with that.


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