By Surly Jacob.

For those who were at the game, or were home and turned off their TVs in disgust as quickly as possible after last night’s loss to Phoenix, here is what Alexander Frolov and Matt Greene had to say about the game.


(on opening night nerves): “Well, maybe a little bit, but I think we still have to play much better than that… we seemed pretty… didn’t play good enough, and we made too many mistakes. Too many turnovers, which cost us goals. So I think we just have to be more focused, play more physical and play our system the way we should play. You know just, leave it here tonight and get ready tomorrow for hard work and prepare for the next game.”

(on stomach flu): “Well I feel a little bit better. It was a couple of, a few hard days I would say, but it’s getting better right now, and I’m gonna be ready for tomorrow and for next game.”

(on his role this season): “Same as always. Like I have to do my best and show the way, and veteran guy I guess, and just do my best every day, every night.”


(what went wrong): “No I don’t think so, I think it was just a classic case of not being ready to play. You know, you come out against a team like that and, you know they’re playing a first game too, and you give up two right away in the first. I mean, obviously you’re not mentally ready and just making mental mistakes and uh, you know I think that’s the best thing though, is that, you know, it’s not, it wasn’t a physical issue tonight. I don’t think we, you know, I don’t think our talent level is down to the point where we, you know we lost that game. I think it’s just all mental. All mental mistakes and all not covering positions where we should have been and I think that’s the plus side, that you can correct that pretty easily with just system play in practice. So if you’re going to take a positive out of the game, that would be it.”

(pinpoint one problem from Coyote’s): “Scoring when we gave them opportunities to. I think that’s it. I think any team you give opportunities to at this level, they’re going to score goals and they did it. You know, I think that, you know, if you look at a game as a whole, I mean minus the goals against, I don’t think that was a horrible game. But, I think we gave up six grade A chances and they had six goals off of it. That’s what’s going to happen in this league, you can’t make those mistakes and obviously we did it and I that’s the difference. I mean it’s, I mean you could say whatever you want, if you give up four goals going into the third period, chances are you got to have a pretty spectacular game to win. So I just, there’s no excuses on our part, just hopefully look at positives and know that we can correct the mistakes that were made and be better on Tuesday.”

(expectations, growing in training camp): “Yeah, it’s a real solid group and that’s why tonight’s even more frustrating. I mean you say ‘not to be negative’ but it is, you know it’s something that you got to address right away. I think, you know maybe in year’s past that, you know who knows if this would have been a big deal or not but I think right now it’s… the expectations are completely different. We can’t blow these games. I don’t care if it’s the first game or the 81st game. You can’t come out and lose a game 6-3, be down two nothing going into the first intermission. It’s unacceptable and I mean the group is strong, but right now we’ve got to tighten up in other areas. You know you just got to be mentally stronger and, you know, and better. And that’s the difference in this game. There’s a lot of guys outside of this league that can skate, shoot and pass, I think the difference in this level is you got to be be able to think it, and tonight we didn’t.”

No, they certainly did not.

Onward and upward.

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