As if this face rushing at you isn’t reason enough not to take liberties with one of the Kings’ players, San Jose Shark Brad Staubitz was suspended for one game today by the NHL for his charge against defenseman Davis Drewiske.

The NHL cited “excessive physical contact on an icing play” as the reason for the suspension, which is the new euphemism for “dirty sissy hit.”

This suspension does not effect the Kings at all, but one has to wonder if the fuss Raitis Ivanans made after the play did not help to make the NHL take note of the hit to the head that easily could have had Drewiske eating through a straw if he were a weaker man.

In the past, Kings’ fans have often felt slighted by the NHL in terms of suspensions, or lack thereof, levied against dangerous hits to their players. As they say though, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and when Ivanans charged at Staubitz in a rage and greased goon Jody Shelley’s face with his sweaty fists, he made sure everyone noticed that the Kings were not happy with the hit.

While it is hefty speculation to say the retaliation weighed in on the NHL’s decision to suspend Staubitz, one can’t help but think back to last year when the Kings would not respond so vigorously to questionable hits and, following suit, the NHL would seemingly turn a blind eye as well.

Just something to think about as we warm up for tonight’s game against the Minnesota Wild.

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