Don’t ask me who Ryan Smyth reminds me of…because I won’t say it.

I do remember a player who came here in a trade. He wore number 28. Almost immediately after he arrived, he endeared himself to Kings fans with his all go, no stop, in your face style of play. He did what the rest of the team wouldn’t. He drove to the net. He posted up in front of the goalie. He could pass, shoot, hit, and steal the puck right off your stick.

I know what you’ve been thinking. Is Smyth the player that is going to take our kids to the next level? Will he be the leader both on and off the ice, Mr. Clutch, the one who leads by example and whose example Kopitar, Brown, Purcell, Frolov, Simmonds, even our young defensemen as well as the kids coming up will learn to emulate?

Number 28 was the heart and soul of this team.

Will Smyth be?

Number 28 made each and every player who played with him, especially on his line, better.

Will Ryan do the same?

I won’t say it. Neither should you. It doesn’t need to be said.

Go Kings.

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