There were not many plays that jumped out at me last night.  Williams’ made a nice clearing effort to get the puck over the red line at the end of the first.  Frolov made some nice plays as well.  I almost gave it to Johnson.

Ultimately I thought this was a really good effort and gave it to Davis Drewiske.  He pinched after an offensive zone face-off and almost got caught up ice.  He hustled his butt off and made it back, made a good stick check and intercepted a pass.  This play led directly to the Rangers icing the puck and taking their time-out.  Immediately after that Marc Staal took a penalty, and the game was there for the Kings to tie up.  The PP failed us, but thanks to Davis’ play, we at least had the opportunity.

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  1. Nice play by Davis and nicely done on the video.


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