Every sport emphasizes its accuracy.

In football, poor passing leads to lost downs and interceptions.  Good passing means 1st downs and touchdowns.

In basketball, quick and accurate passing equals open shots and baskets.

Pick a major team sport and you have passing, in one form or another, as the catalyst to offensive and/or defensive success.

Anyone who has played hockey or followed the sport long enough knows that an accurate stick to stick pass is the foundation for every offensive and defensive play.  In fact, without it, the game would come to a halt.  So, why is it that something as fundamental as this skill is so lacking in our Kings?

Perhaps someone should ask Terry Murray.  Someone who has access to him.  Anyone know who that may be?

The Kings put on a how “not to do” passing clinic against the Red Wings tonight.  I didn’t appreciate how poor the passing was until I watched the game a second time. Passes from the defense to the forwards were either too long or in their skates. Neutral zone passes were consistently off, sometimes by over 2 to 3 feet. Even in the offensive zone where only a short pass from forwards and defenseman is required, the Kings could not connect stick to stick to the recipient of the pass in stride.  It’s not a “stat” we see directly and it doesn’t always lead to giveaways and turnovers but does directly cause broken plays and missed opportunities.  The latter is something the Kings can ill afford if they intend to beat opponents who don’t suffer from the same limitation.

I don’t have answers. Just questions. Those, if enough share it, should be asked.

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