While the Los Angeles Kings are taking on the Dallas Stars tonight on the road, Alexander Frolov and Brad Richards will have to play chess together if they want to see some action.

Richards is out with a groin injury and Frolov will sit with a bad case of doghouse stink.

The turbulent river is flowing freely after Frolov’s errant pass to Jason Chimera broke the dam.  Murray is upset with Frolov and the fans are upset with everything.  Whether they lynch Murray first or simply turn on each other remains to be seen, but both scenarios have a cauldron brewing a bitter soup of malcontent.  In the divisive debate over Frolov’s value to the team, the first stone has officially been cast, and the fans are scattering and taking sides in city hall protest worthy fashion.

Murray has tried to get through to Frolov, but Frolov’s response has been nil.  Rich Hammond posted quotes from Murray on the subject:

“There’s nothing coming back. That’s the 10th meeting along those lines, and nothing ever comes back. So, I don’t know.’’

Sounds like unrequited love.  Or perpetual disdain.  Not sure which statement applies to which person.

One thing is certain, all eyes will be intently focused on Frolov when he returns to the line-up.

As for the hockey game, this is the last game of the Kings’ longest road trip of the season.  If they can pull out a win, they will snap their losing streak before it matches their previous winning streak and end the road trip with a respectable .500 record of 3-3.  They can also avoid returning to Staples as a team under .500 for the season.

As has been the case lately, face-offs and penalty kills will be large keys to the game for the Kings.  The Stars, 3-1-3 in their first 7 games, are fresh off a win against the Chicago Blackhawks after taking a sound thumping from the Boston Bruins.

Unless made a mistake, the forward line-up for tonight looks to be:





No changes on D so far, and Quick will start in goal.

I can only hope that Peter Harrold at center is a typo, as just two games ago, Murray had this to say about Harrold:

“Richardson got thrown out, but Lewis is the center iceman. He’s supposed to take it, not Peter Harrold.”

So if order of the draw is Richardson, Lewis, Harrold, and Lewis is scratched while Moller, another natural center, is in, why on earth would Peter Harrold play center?  Perhaps Richardson will still take the draws.

I guess we’ll find that out, as well as how well the team plays sans Frolov, in 5 hours when the puck drops.

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