Little Big Man: Jarret Stoll

Ok, ok, so I missed posting one of these for the Columbus game.  Think about it this way, had there been a worthy play that game, I would have posted it!

There were, however, plenty of worthy plays against the Dallas Stars on Monday.

Jarret Stoll, who has been mostly underwhelming thus far, played one of his best games of the season against the Stars, and helped to keep the game scoreless during the Kings first penalty kill.  Now although the Kings still went down 1-0 by the end of the first period, Stoll’s little big play came before the Stars were able to settle their power play down and helped to break up their momentum.  Might have been a different game if the Stars were allowed to thrive on the power play.  I imagine giving up a power play goal would have been far more detrimental to the Kings’ psyche than the goal they eventually gave up to Jamie Benn.

Here is the play:

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  1. That picture makes me laugh every time. It’s wrong on so many levels. Nice play Stolly!


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