Davis Drewiske (hereinafter “Whiskey”) has signed for 3 years, $600,000.00 per.  Why is that an excellent signing? Timing.

Dean Lombardi has recognized that last season and, thus far, this one, Whiskey has shown himself as an intelligent and hard working defenseman. Nothing about him stands out but nothing has to.  This 6’2″, 222 pound, 24 year old has a big frame, skates well, is able to find the seams on the breakouts from our own zone and has shown a calm demeanor and smart reaction under pressure situations, a valued rarity among young defensemen.  He is not a hard hitting defenseman though he has proven he can take a hit.

So, if he establishes himself as a solid NHL 3-4 guy, we have exactly that for only $600,000.00 per year, in all respects a bargain. If he does not, he remains well within the budget.

I admit I am higher on Whiskey that some but, then again, I am just so happy to see a number 44 on the Kings that doesn’t drive me to drink.

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