A question for our readers.

If an event in a player’s personal life may be affecting that player’s performance on the ice, should the fans know about it?  I do not refer to the obvious situations such as the recent incident with Patrick Kane’s arrest. That goes without saying. My inquiry relates to a less public incident.

Before you answer yes or no, ask yourself what conditions, if any, do you believe are attached to such an event becoming appropriate for reporting? There is no way to know for certain the impact, if any, on the player’s production. Further, is a consideration the degree of arguable privacy, if any, that attaches to the issue?

Do not speculate as to what I may or may not be referring to and kindly do not report assumptions or speculations on any player. This is an academic discussion. The question I pose is intended to elicit what you believe to be the responsibility of news organizations, blogs, or even the team’s own reporting mechanisms in such circumstances.  You may post your thoughts in our comment section at the bottom of this post.