Los Angeles Kings right wing, Wayne Simmonds, was asked to fill in on the first line for injured forward Justin Williams.  Terry Murray’s decision was helped along with a tip by General Manager, Dean Lombardi. That tells you that both the coach and management are pretty happy with Wayne’s play. Wayne’s play tells Murray and Lombardi that they made the right choice.  Our second year player has been playing like a first line forward and now, he’s talking like one.

“I’m really aware, aware of my body and my movements and exactly what I’m doing. I like to hit, but I’m not going to go crush a guy if I know the puck is going to go on to someone else and I’m going to take myself out of the play. I like to think that I’m a smart player, and that’s something I like to pride myself on. I think Terry sees that as well, and I think it’s working well.’’

In hockey, as in life, the confidence one carries into and through the task at hand often dictates its success. Head up, chest out and an unpretentious intensity.

Wayne is walking the walk.

Go Kings!

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