Sorry about the delay on these.

The first play is from the second Dallas game. Doughty makes a great poke check near the end of the game to free up the puck to Wayne Simmonds. Doughty then elects to move the puck up ice himself and get it deep. The Stars had just tied the game and were surging, and this play eliminated Dallas’ last chance they would have in the game to win. The Kings spent the rest of the period in the Dallas zone and then, as you know, won quickly in OT.

The second play is the second assist from the Kings first goal (Brown) against Phoenix. A small play, but Smyth had to corral the puck quickly, and made a heads-up pass to break Kopitar for the 2-on-1 with Brown for the goal. Quick thinking and good passing on Smyth’s part. While Smyth got a point for the play, it was not pointed out during the telecast, so I thought I’d give Smyth credit here.

The third play is really a whole shift. Frolov, as he often does, dominated with possession. 3 separate times in this clip. Brown also made good plays to help get the cycle going, but Frolov’s great pass from his knees to Brown allowed him to find an open Handzus for the Kings first goal of the eventual blowout against Columbus.

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