Last game in November. We have lost the first 12 games, each in the shootout.During game 13 against Chicago, third period with 10 minutes left, the following discussion takes place:

Jim Fox: “Bob, Terry Murray appears to have developed some sort of nervous tick. His head keeps jerking sideways toward his right shoulders while his right eye twitches. He is muttering something to himself…Bob, can you make out what he is saying?”

Bob Miller: “I am not sure Jim, let’s talk to Patrick O’Neal who is at the King’s bench. Patrick?”

Patrick O’Neal: “Thanks Bob and Jim. We are at the Kings bench, talking with Kings captain Dustin Brown. Dustin, coach Murray doesn’t seem like himself. Can you tell us what is going on?”

Dustin Brown: “Yeah, you know he sseems out of ssync a bit. He keepss muttering ussselesss…ussselesss…”

Patrick O’Neal: *nodding* “Bob, Jim, back to you.”

Bob Miller: “Thanks…Patrick…Kings facing off in their own zone. Kopitar is ready to take the faceoff…”

No scoring during the third minute. We go to the last 30 seconds of overtime…

Bob Miller: “…Frolov steals the puck, he is skating alone against Huet, he’s got speed, he shoots…OH!! It goes wide…Alexander Frolov was all alone…”

Jim Fox: “Bob. Bob, we appear to have a situation on the Kings bench, Terry Murray is trying to climb over the boards and onto the ice. Is he? Yes, he is screaming something…coach Murray is trying to get to Alexander Frolov. Wow, I have never seen anything like this before. The players are trying to restrain him…”

Bob Miller: “…and look at Frolov. He’s not going back to the bench, the entire play has stopped and I think the Kings are going to get penalized here for delay of game…”

Jim Fox: “Yes they are, the Los Angeles Kings are going to get a penalty…”

Game proceeds to a shootout. Round 7.

Bob Miller: “Well, Kings needs to score to keep it going. They have to put this in the net to avoid their 13th overtime loss in a row. Clearly a club record and an NHL record.”

Jim Fox: “As we said in game 3, it was an NHL record then. This record may never be broken. We have just heard that Terry Murray is doing better. He’s in the dressing room and they are trying to administer some medication to help him relax though they are having a bit of trouble.”

Bob Miller: “Here we go. Peter Harrold with the puck. He must score to send it to round 8. Harrold skates in to the net, he goes wide, has some speed, goes to the forehand, backhand, oh, he loses the puck and it slides harmlessly past Huet…”

Jim Fox: “Oh oh, Terry Murray is back, he just ran through the tunnel and HE IS ON THE ICE! KINGS COACH TERRY MURRAY IS ON THE ICE. that Frolov he is chasing?”

Bob Miller: “It is, Frolov has jumped on the ice to escape and is trying to skate away and…Terry Murray…I think he’s carrying something!”

Jim Fox: “Oh my God, he’s got a sharp object of some kind. It’s a skate blade Bob!”

Bob Miller: “I think you’re right Jim. Terry just ran past Harrold and didn’t even look at him. He’s after Frolov! Look at Frolov, he’s hiding behind Huet and Huet doesn’t know what to do as he’s trying to get back to the Blackhawks bench but Murray has them blocked off…”

Jim Fox: “Security has now poured onto the ice, boy I hope this turns out ok at the end…”

Wish I knew how it ended.

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