Remember back in grade school when our effort was measured by O (outstanding), VG (very good), S (satisfactory), or NI (needs improvement)? What do you mean you’re still in grade school? In any event, one of the NI areas this season has been secondary scoring and Kings coach Terry Murray has been playing the second line shuffle in search of exactly that. But somewhat unnoticed in the pursuit is the catalyst to all this – Jarett Stoll.

Regardless of whether Purcell, Brown, Frolov, Simmonds or Parse plays alongside him, that second line, any second line, isn’t going to work without Kings center Jarett Stoll winning faceoffs and playing a similar role as Kopitar in puck possession and burying the puck in the back of the net. Stoll’s role isn’t intended as one dimensional “Bob Corkum” type face off guy. He is a talented playmaker and boasts a wicked slap shot, especially on the one timer. Is Stoll up to the task? I hope so. Because he is arguably, and more so than any other player on the team including our captain, the secret to success.

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