Here is how I see it.  You can bitch and moan about this team’s performance over the last 2 days and you may be justified in doing so. I am personally perplexed as to how someone like Raitis Ivanans gets a single shift in this game in the third after we fall behind 3-1.  But, one fact remains clear. When the Kings play well, no team can beat them. When they don’t, they fall.  That is a huge step from last season when we played good games and still lost.  Now, every win is rightfully earned and every loss is deserved. That is progress. We have the talent. We have the work ethic. We just have not been able to put it together for 2 games.

About the game itself, Quick looked worn out in that third. Whether he hasn’t been forthright with the coach or Murray is ignoring the signs that even we fans can see is irrelevant.  What matters is our young #1 looks like he needs a rest.

The first line looked good but it was clear that Chicago came into this game with the mindset that if they can shut down that line, they can shut down the Kings and, tonight, it worked because despite a good effort from Dustin Brown and Jarett Stoll, the Kings could not get any secondary scoring.

Alexander Frolov showed tonight why he won’t be a King next season. He has either packed it in or simply doesn’t care and that is unfortunate because if there is one player other than Kopitar at the forward position who is oozing talent, it is Frolov.  Yes, his top secret off ice problems may be a distraction.  Yes, his most consistent trait has been his lack of consistency. But at some point you have to realize, in hockey as in life, that you cannot make someone care and you shouldn’t try.

I am upset by the loss as much as you are and I am completely disinterested in going through each goal. The Kings didn’t show up for the third period. That sentence summarizes the entire game. What I want to know is why you believe that happened and what needs to change, if anything.

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