I was tempted to keep this post game write-up really short.  Like “There was a good line brawl” short.

However since there was no good hockey to be watched for Kings’ fans on this cold and useless night, I figured they might as well have something entertaining to read.  So grab a beer (I’ve got a Full Moon myself), sit back, and scroll down to Bobby’s post below between every paragraph for some much needed visual stimuli.

Did you check?  Nice, huh?  Good.

And now for the circus.

The Atlanta Thrashers’ have a unique home advantage only a few teams in the NHL get to utilize.  Energy and emotion are huge factors in a hockey game.   The fact that the Thrashers’ are able to get hyped up to play a vibrant game of hockey in an arena that has less people in the stands than there are voices in my head is an achievement worth noting.  The Kings’ were a little confused to start the game, not knowing whether they were in an NHL arena or a beer league (take another drink).  After 4 minutes of deciding whether they were on the ice or just having a horrible dream during their afternoon nap, the Kings started to play hockey when Wayne Simmonds broke the energy open by chipping the puck up ice and rushing in for the first quality chance of the game.  No goal on the play, but with that rush and 16 minutes left in the period, the game finally began.  From there, the momentum swung violently between the two clubs for the duration of the first, which ended scoreless.

Man that girl is pretty hot, and the beach isn’t so bad either.

Overall, the Kings were out-chancing the Thrashers’ by a wide margin.  Atlanta goalie Ondrej Pavelec made some brilliant saves and seemed to have venomous snakes hiding in his pads.  Only on HD TV’s could one see the little bite marks on all of the Kings’ sticks.  Chance after chance turned into turnover after turnover.

Take a good long look.  You’re going to need it.   Coincidentally, this Full Moon is a pretty tasty winter ale.

Halfway through a hard fought second period, a bit of bad luck and an unfortunate bounce gave rookie Evander Kane his 5th goal of the season.  Coming around the net with Anze Kopitar draped over him, Kane sent a centering feed that deflected off of Davis Drewiske in front of Jonathan Quick to put the first hole in the floodgates.  Mayhem ensued as in the next 5 minutes, the dynamite exploded and people ran in fear as the Thrashers’ grabbed the game by the crotch and squeezed.

2 minutes later, breakway Kovalchuk, 2-0.

Another 2 minutes, soft goal to Bogosian.  Why Quick?

Let’s try Ersberg.

2 minutes is really a long time, so this time, 1 minute.  Breakway Afinogenov, 4-0.  Game over.

Crap.  It’s only the end of the second.  I’ll be right back, I need another beer.  You should get one too.

Much better.

Now I’ll be honest.  I had business to attend to between periods.  I thought I would be back in time for the third but unfortunately, the second period had made me so sick that I needed to take a lap.  A lap turned to a beer.  A beer turned to another beer.  Finally I turned on the radio, fearing my TV screen wouldn’t listen.  7-0.  Well, at least the game was over.  Kovalchuk, Afinogenov and Kane each had a second goal.  Stat-padding bastards.

So what can we take away from this game besides a buzz and a hangover?

Well, goaltending turns out to be a bigger issue than we thought.  The ledge isn’t quite at our feet yet, but we are climbing the stairs.  Tonight we took a leap and skipped about 3.

The play with the puck needs to be seriously addressed.  This game was a series of blown chances and bad turnovers.  Is it nerves?  Is it miscommunication?  The Kings must find a balance between these random and violent fluxes between lacksadasical pond hockey and getting too excited to control the puck and make a proper pass.

Overall, how much should we panic?

Take a swig.  A big one.

Not much.

This was about as terrible a game as a team could possibly have played.  4-3 losses suck, but you can say it was close. 5-3 losses are pretty bad.  Can’t give up that many goals.  6-1, crap.  At least you weren’t shutout.


It’s time for an Andy Murray type practice.  Run those boys ragged.  Make them sweat off about 10 pounds.  Let there be blood left on the ice.

But panic?  No.

Sometimes the team is going to suck.  It happens.  There are several issues that must be rectified, but if you have even the slightest amount of reason and hope mixed together in your tumultuous (and by now, fairly inebriated) brain, you will realize that this team has what it takes to bounce back.

They can still score goals.  Jonathan Quick is still a bright young goaltender with huge upside.

A rough patch.  That’s all. With a win tomorrow against Tampa Bay, it’s not even a patch.

It’s just a game.

Keep drinking.

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