By now, you have probably heard of Justin Williams’ “hit” on Christoph Schubert. I use the term hit somewhat facetiously. Imagine seeing a friend of yours talking to another person. You haven’t seen him in a while, it’s a good friend and both of you are somewhat practical jokers. So you walk up to him from behind and give him a subtle nudge. He turns around and says “hey man, how are you?” You say you are fine and you each talk about the wife and kids. He then introduces you to the person with whom he is talking. Well, Williams’ contact with Schubert was slightly less violent than that nudge. Imagine again after giving the nudge to your buddy, he violently falls forward with his hands flailing in the air, screaming “oh my God!” and barreling over the guy with whom he was talking. Schubert’s reaction was just a hint less dramatic than that.

Here’s the video.

Even Kings’ beat writer Rich Hammond got caught up in the drama by writing, “[w]ith 1:59 remaining, Kings forward Justin Williams smashed Christoph Schubert from behind near the Atlanta bench, sending Schubert sprawling through the bench door. Williams got a five-minute penalty for checking from behind and a game-misconduct penalty.”

Smashed? Schubert’s performance must have been contagious.

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