The old and experienced guys have retired. There is fresh blood in zebra gear. Fans across the NHL have gathered their torches and pitchforks and are marching through the internet screaming “that wasn’t a penalty!”, “how did you miss that call?”, “open your eyes ref!”, “$8.50 for a beer!?”…woops, how did that get in there…and “Interference! Are you &^*%$ kidding me!!??” (mostly Tampa Bay fans on the latter). So, what to do?

Fine the refs? Get serious. How much do these guys make anyway?

Review more plays on video? Great. I can see it now. Every questionable call goes to video. Hockey games become 5 hour marathons. The advertisers would make out with all the pauses and there may be increased revenue for the league? God, I hope Bettman isn’t reading this.

Limit the reviews to only goals? How often is that an issue though, one in every 50 games?

Here at, we like to think outside the box. So, we came up with five creative solutions the NHL can implement to improve the officiating.

1. For every bad call, the referee takes one to the head or gut, his choice – the offended team chooses the delivering player.

2. The official with the least bad calls wins an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas…with their choice of favorite ice girls, one from each team.

3. More than 2 bad calls during any game, and that official has to sit in the same room with Raitis Ivanans for one hour and try to piss him off.

4. As an alternative to number 3, the referee before each subsequent call for the next 3 games, with his mic on, must sing and act out the lyrics, “I’m a little tea pot, short and stout, here is my handle and here is my spout. When I get all steamed up, then I shout! Just tip me over and pour me out.” And I want to see the bastard do the whole thing in rhythm, with the tip over and everything.

5. The 3 worst referees during the season get paper towel and cologne duty between periods of every game they officiate the following season.

Practical solutions to a growing problem.

Go Kings!

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  1. $8.50 a beer?!!! I wish! Try $10.75!


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