In all likelihood this is the play that injured Ryan Smyth.

Rich Hammond reported today
that the situations in “not good.” Smyth will not play tomorrow against the Flyers, nor will Rob Scuderi.

All of a sudden we are last year’s team again. At least we still have new Kopitar to lead the charge.

As always at LA Kings News, we take a special interest in figuring out injuries. Smyth is listed as having an “upper-body injury”, so lets see if we can’t decide what the prognosis from his meeting with the team’s doctor tomorrow will be (not that they will ever tell us).

From the video it looks like he got hit in the side. This could be a shoulder, rib, arm, hip or organ injury. His name isn’t Forsberg, so we can rule out the problem being his spleen. Perhaps he has a disagreeable kidney. Did Ballard’s hit candy his kidney? Probably not.

Maybe the injury occurred after he hit the ice. It is possible he has a bad case of ice burn. That wouldn’t be fun. He might be missing a layer of skin on his face.

A cracked rib? No, we don’t crack jokes here, let alone ribs. That’s not even funny and I’m a little disturbed that you brought it up.

Is his shoulder experiencing separation anxiety? This seems likely, but the real problem is staring us right in the face.

Keith Ballard has cooties. In a split second during the violent collision, these cooties latched on to Smyth and have given him ants that will soon descend to his pants. Look for the official listing to change to “lower-body injury” when the doctor examines Smyth with a cootie-scope.

We do hope that Smyth gets well soon and shakes these cooties without giving them to other players. The team needs you Smyth. The fans need you.

Here’s to a speedy recovery for the Lord of the Manor.

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3 replies

  1. This is hysterical…exactly the type of humor I need after a foul day at work. Now, the buring question: How will Frolov perform on the top line?

  2. Hmmm…looks like shoulder to me.

  3. I’d have to watch the game again, but I was thinking Smyth looked like he was in pain prior to this play. He seemed off to me. Perhaps caused by a hit in the Tampa Bay game and this hit just exacerbated it. Hmmm…


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