Alexander Frolov, Richard Clune and random shots

I read an interview with Alexander Frolov.  Here is what Sasha had to say.

“Yeah, you have to shoot more, for sure. You have to try to shoot as often as you can. Sometimes it’s better to pass, especially if someone is in a better position than you are, but the bottom line is, you still have to shoot it and put some pucks on net so we can score and have something good happen. Probably we have to focus on that more, to get somebody in front of the net, some net presence. That’s what we’re talking about lately.”

Ok, that is exciting talk from the often aloof Frolov.

He was then asked whether he will shoot more.

“Yeah, absolutely. I’m working on it. Just try to keep it in mind and shoot when I have some chances.”

Now he’s just teasing us.

On the subject of getting the puck to the net for scoring chances, he answered; “Exactly. When you put it on net, you never know what’s going to happen. Stolly’s goal was a perfect example of that, in the last game. Sometimes you don’t want to pass an opportunity when you can make plays, but to shoot the puck is always good. Just keep it in mind and try to do it more often.”

Frolov is going to start putting the puck in the net.  Look for him to go on a streak. You heard it hear first.

So Richard Clune is our version of Marion Gaborik without the 7 million dollar price tag and the goals.  He is injured again with a lower body injury.  Did I emphasize again? And again…and again…this is especially disappointing to Kings fans who saw his “in your face” style of hockey in the preseason and most of us crave and need for the 4th line. Get well Richard and for goodness sake, stay well.

I have a good feeling about tomorrow’s game against the Flames. It’s only Friday though so I reserve the right to have different feelings tomorrow. For those that don’t know me, I am somewhat clairvoyant as it relates to this team. When I get a particular “sense” that the team is going to win (even when down by several goals), they win. Feel free to visit and ask around in the Kings’ forum…and stop laughing. That’s rude.

Kings coach Terry Murray is emphasizing a shot mentality.

That sounds good.

Now, can someone tell Dustin Brown that doesn’t mean he should take every bad angle shot from near the boards with no traffic and right into the goalie’s chest, when his fellow center or winger is wide open on the other side and ready for a one timer?

Anyone else need a shot?

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