It was a good news – bad news night for the Kings.

Bad news – they were in Edmonton and nobody wants to be in Edmonton unless they have to be.

Good news – everyone in Edmonton is apparently sporting a mustache these days and that had to provide for a few good laughs and conversation.

Bad news – Newly called up center Andrei Loktionov left the game with what appeared to be a shoulder injury. I am sure it will be reported as a lower body injury tomorrow though.

Good news – we beat the Oilers 3-1

Truth be told, this writer stood ready to sacrifice a goat or the neighbor’s cat to have the hockey gods bless our Kings. Fortunately, the Oilers are in their own injury quagmire and have been this side of suck lately. Take nothing away from the Kings. They played an incredibly dull game that would have put a fervent insomniac to sleep. The Oilers must have had a time just staying awake for this one. I saw Oilers coach Pat Quinn putting smelling salts up his nose. The announcers ran out of things to say so they kept repeating “Hemsky is out”, referring to Alex Hemsky who left the game after taking a hit from Kings center, Michal Handzus. And while the Kings managed what seemed like 62 shots on goal from, well you name it, center ice, behind the net, the locker room, the game itself dragged on like two old people fu…

It doesn’t matter. We won. Wayne Simmonds played a good game. He had a goal, an assist and I think a fight (someone check that, quick). Kopitar was all over the ice, and played solid on both ends. I was pleasantly surprised by Alexander Frolov though not in the points (or for that matter, shooting) department. Sasha had a good defensive game. He foiled several Oiler offensive opportunities including one in the final seconds of the game. Dustin Brown was…but hey, Jack Johnson exuded talent out there – a defensive gem of a game – he knew when to jump into the play and when to stay back. He closed off the center of the ice to the Oilers on several plays and seemed to be in a zone tonight – the good kind of zone, not the twilight variety…and not twilight as in that book that is an insult to nearly every author who can put a sentence together and tell a story without using the word “was” 8000 times to describe an action or event.

Hopefully, the Kings and Terry Murray have figured out the secret to winning hockey games – outscoring your opponent.

Go Kings.

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