It’s uncommonly common knowledge that once a player is assigned to Juniors, he cannot be called up to the big club barring very limited exceptions which this writer is scratching his head trying to remember – I think there needs to be an upper body injury to a lower body area during a full moon or some crazy nonsense like that to allow an assignment.

So, how do the Kings get around that?

Well, they signed center Brayden Schenn to a one-game amateur tryout agreement. Schenn is reported at being in Vancouver arena right now and, GASP!, will likely play for the Kings tonight.

In the event you did not know, I have a serious man crush on this kid. He has the talent and drive to become a top center in the league. Brayden had a terrific preseason and even Lombardi commented the difficulty of sending him back considering how well he played.

In other news, Brian Burke was reported as dropping the F bomb in between Dean Lombardi’s name several times today.

In short, Go Kings and Go Schenn!