Winning is fun.

The Kings are winning.

I’m having fun.

I learned a new word tonight – “shinny”.  Justin Williams referred to the Kings play as such even though they had the lead. What does it mean?  In short, a little sloppy and loose.  It’s a cross between serious and shitty.  I like it.  I will find uses for it.

Randy Jones started the scoring on the first shot on goal and right out of the gate at the 42 second mark. Credit Frolov with a beautiful pass between the defenseman’s legs and right on Jones’ stick.  Credit Frolov with a damn good game (one turnover excepted).

Toward the end of the first, Wayne Simmonds was pulled down by the Senators’ Kuba on a clear break away and was awarded a penalty shot. Simmonds attacked the net with speed and made a nice deke that opened Brian Elliott’s legs like it was prom night.  Wayne slid the puck 5 hole to give the Kings a 2-1 lead.  Simmonds’ is in fuego.

The Kings’ third goal was all Dustin until the end. Brown drove wide on Kuba and beat him like a rented defenseman to the crease. Elliott made the initial save but hard hat and lunch pale center Brad Richardson drove to the net and popped in the rebound goal for his 2nd goal in 2 games.

Drew Doughty scored the Kings’ fourth goal on the power play with a rocket of a one timer on a soft pass by Kopitar which followed a clean faceoff win by Jarret Stoll.  Stoll had an excellent game.  Doughty was my number 1 star.

For all intensive purposes, the game should have ended 4-3 (did I mention the Senators also scored some goals? No? That’s because they didn’t deserve any of it).  But the Kings decided that salt goes best with an open wound and Justin Williams potted two goals in the final frame (none of them an empty netter), with his last at the 19:50 mark, to give the Kings a 6-3 victory.

The Senators did manage 3 goals and stayed in the game for 2 and 3/4 of the 3 periods, but I am not sure that it was so much the Senators playing well as it was the Kings looking sloppy…er, shinny, at times…like Surly Jacob inebriated in Vegas type of shinny…if only for a temporary few minutes here and there.

It wasn’t perfect.

It didn’t have to be.

We are the better team.

It was fun.

Post game tidbits:

  • To those fans who stand behind Patrick and Jim and make thumbs up, ok, and related signs 100 times over, unless you are female, hot and willing to throw a little NC17 in there, please stop the insanity. You look absurd and there is nothing to be proud of there…you too Waldo…

  • Hey Duck fans…notice that a fist fight didn’t break out when Doughty and Simmonds handed their sticks to the crowd after the game?  Politeness counts losers.

  • Next game is an afternoon start this Saturday against the Blues…we need a pregame sacrifice of a goat, virgin or Ducks fan to break this mid day curse.

  • Heidi looked especially beautiful tonight didn’t she boys?  Just yum.

Go Kings!

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