Parse, Richardson, Stoll and Frolov.

How is that for secondary scoring!

Now, if the Kings can just get some primary scoring.  Anze Kopitar has gone the way of winter weather – cold – he cannot buy a goal.  It’s not for a lack of effort.  Our number 1 center is working hard and tonight he had a few great scoring chances but that “finish” just isn’t there. Whether it’s a little wide or rolling off his stick at the last second, Anze needs to get that finish back…or he he needs to get Smyth back…maybe both.

You can analyze and over-analyze a game like this to death.  It would start with Raitis Ivanans never playing another game for the Kings. There would be talk about simple plays to clear the zone, speed through the neutral zone, faceoffs, and rebound control. It would end with asking Terry Murray to please lay off the odd line changes.  Not necessary though. We lost despite playing another “pretty not bad” but not great game.  Last season, we were findings ways to lose. This season we are findings ways to win or get points.

Grab yourself a holiday beer boys and girls.  I am enjoying a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.  You should too.

Go Kings.