There is an unconfirmed rumor (edit: it is now confirmed) that Oscar Moller is on his way to the big club.

Trade?  No.  At least I hope not because each of the “rumors” I have heard out there are scarier than the other.

What I hope this means is the end of the Ivanans experiment. Since Aki Berg, I cannot recall a player in Kings history who was more useless at any position than Raitis has been for the past 10+ games.  He literally does nothing. He has zero offensive upside. He cannot play defense. He is good for at least 1 bad penalty every 1 to 2 games, generally in the offensive zone. He has the hockey IQ of a raccoon.  What he may be good for, fighting…well, let’s just say I haven’t seen him win a fight in longer than I care to recall.

It’s time.  Let the Ivanans madness end.

I know it won’t be a popular theory, but in the new NHL, I am a big believer in rolling 4 lines that can play both ends of the ice. With Oscar Moller’s call up, I do hope to see a Moller, Purcell and player X (pick your player) 4th line.  While we all wait to see the status of Brandon Segal, I think we can all agree that he looked comfortable on the 4th line. Putting Segal in the middle of Moller at right wing and Purcell at left isn’t a bad line. For now, I suppose Harrold will do. The third line of Simmonds – Zeus – Parse seems to be gelling. I am not complaining about Richardson on the 2nd line with Stoll and Brown.

Give me 4 lines that can play both ends of the ice and for goodness sake, put Ivanans on waivers, send him to Manchester, something that gets him as far away as possible from the current line up.  As Larry Robinson once said, you can’t make chicken soup out of chicken shit.

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  1. So I guess he lost that fight against Shelly this year, huh?


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