I don’t want to take anything away from the Kings’ win tonight, and I won’t.

I don’t even really want to be negative, but I must.

Those that attend games at Staples Center become very familiar with Dieter Ruehle’s antics. Even if you don’t know who Dieter is, you are aware of what he does; he is in charge of playing all the music and sound bites at Kings’ games.

Dieter runs a tight ship, and rarely strays from the norm. Typically right before the puck drops to start a period, there are bells played, one to start the game, adding another with each passing period. Ding. Ding, Ding. Ding, Ding, Ding. For the opening face-off of the game, he throws in a prolonged yell of “Are you ready?!?!”

Tonight, however, I heard something I NEVER want to hear at another Kings’ game. After perhaps the worst performance of both Countries national anthems by a woman whose name I would prefer not to know (some lowlights – singing “so gallantly strAme-ing” and “home of the brah-ave”), I settled into my seat expecting the usual “Are you ready?!?!” Not that I care for it very much, but it works and its comfortable. Instead, my ears were assaulted by a different voice. A woman’s voice.

She didn’t want to know if I was ready. No, in fact, she didn’t even have a question. She had a statement.

“Let’s get it started it here.”

Just like the song.

Yup. Those first few notes you hear on that video were blasted to the Kings’ faithful.

It’s wrong.

It’s bad enough they play “Poker Face” after every “McMuffin Minute” announcement (let’s not get started on how lame that change is), purely because the word ‘McMuffin’ is in the lyrics.

I know the Lakers play at Staples too. I didn’t come to see a Lakers’ game. I don’t want rap or anything close to it with my hockey.

Where is the Pantera? Where is the Slayer? Where is the hockey music? You know, the music that is like the sport. Brutal and exhilarating.

I hear it at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh and at the Blackhawk’s Chicago Stadium. What gives?

So please, Dieter, Kings, heed my plea. Never do the Black Eyed Peas thing again.

They have their place, and that place is far, far away from the ice.

I’m ready.