I find myself without words.

What can be said about what needs to felt?

How about, HELL YES!

That about sums it up. The Los Angeles Kings 5-4 overtime win against the division leading San Jose Sharks is the reason I watch hockey.

Up and down action, bone rattling hits and goals, goals, goals. This one had it all. The Kings showed tangible evidence of what Terry Murray means when he harps on the team to “dig in”. Teddy Purcell dug in when he entered the arena at 150mph, zipping all over the ice and getting rewarded with his first goal since the 3rd game of the season. Anze Kopitar dug in when he crashed the net and banked home a perfect fake-shot pass from Drew Doughty into a Nabakov-less net. Dustin Brown dug and dug and dug, until his stubbornness finally paid off when he scored the game-winning goal in overtime.

This team has heart. Mine is still beating out of its chest.

The Kings also got goals from Jarret Stoll, a deflection, and Drew Doughty on a marvelous slap shot.

Pavelski, Marluea, Boyle and Malhotra scored for the losers, in that order. The lead fluctuated back and forth between the two teams. From the Kings, 1-0, to the Sharks, 2-1, and back to the Kings, 4-2, to a 4-4 tie.

Both teams played incredible, strong games, neither willing to give an inch and each capitalizing on every minuscule mistake or hesitation.

It really could have gone either way.

But it didn’t.


Breath deep. Soak it in.

Maybe I’ll get more specific tomorrow, when I’ve stopped smiling.


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