For the love of the hockey Gods, what in the hell is going on here?   We have now lost Smyth, Segal, Simmonds, and Stoll.  Williams goes down with a right, upper mid-range injury and I will officially lose it.  The only good news is that we may have run out of players whose last name starts with “S” so maybe this injury bug will stop.  All we know about Stoll is a lower body injury.  Just enough to piss us off.

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  1. I hate to be a cynic, especially since Stoll is my favorite King, but his “lower body injury” happened last month the day before a game against the Oilers.

    Oilers fans were rough on him his last season w/them(unjustifiably), so I’m hoping it’s psychosomatic & clears up by 12/26 for the Coyotes game. He’s a true team player, so whatever the cause, I hope he gets better soon! And I hope the Oilers lose in a big way.


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