The good news.  The heart and soul of this team, in Ryan Smyth and Wayne Simmonds (in that order) were back.

More good news.  Jack Johnson was also back.

Bad news. The Kings couldn’t get their game on track and lost 3-2.

More bad news. Justin Williams suffered a broken leg that made every guy who plays hockey and has broken a bone cringe.

Good news for Coyotes fans though – apparently Ed Jovanovski’s hymen is still intact after the hit he took from Brendan Segal in the third period.

The Hockey Gods giveth.  The Hockey Gods taketh away.

The Kings’ first goal came from Dustin Brown in the first period to give the team a 1-0 lead despite the Kings beings outshot something horrible. The goal was a rebound and tip in from Whiskey’s point shot.  The Coyotes responded with two goals, the second one sheerly out of principal should not have counted. The puck popped in the air in front of Jonathan Quick and while Rob Scuderi tried to play the puck, he knocked it in the goal off his glove.  The Kings tied the game in the third period on another rebound and tip in.  Michael Handzus did the honors after Ilya Bryzgalov made the save on Kopitar’s shot from the left circle.  The Coyotes however were outworking the Kings and took the lead for good on Keith Yandle’s goal 9:20 into the third.  The Kings surged in the final minute as they had a three man advantage with two Coyotes’ penalties and Quick pulled, but Jack Johnson missed the net on two high percentage chances from the high slot.

I don’t put too much emphasis on this loss.  While it would have been nice for the Kings to come out with a win and leap frog the Coyotes in the standings, the anomaly of an 8 day break and four players injected into the line up who were previously out with injuries should throw off the timing, especially on the defensive side of the things.  For any of you ready to freak out over this loss, keep in mind that the Kings were outplayed for essentially the entire three periods while the Coyotes were on top of their game and we only lost 3-2 while being in the game up to the final second…and add to that brutal officiating this side of suck.

Everyone other than Justin Williams can lick their wounds and move on.  As for our star winger, get well soon Justin. You’re an integral part of this team.

Go Kings.

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