For any of you that expected the road to the playoffs and beyond to be without bumps, bruises, and broken bones, you should take a good hard look at past Stanley Cup champions and the roads each of them traveled to get there.  Injuries are opportunities to test the depth of a team, a depth that is mandatory if the hockey team expects to have a chance in the playoffs.  The Kings found ways to win with Smyth, Simmonds and Johnson out of the lineup.  For them to earn their way into the post season, they will have to find the same with Justin Williams out, be it for a month, two or the entire season.

Anze Kopitar must put the puck into the net.

Rob Scuderi must not put the puck in his own net.

Dustin Brown must show why he can be a premiere power forward in this league.

Matt Greene must stop fighting players that know how to fight.

Jack Johnson must put the MF back in his name with his hard hitting, charging and mean spirited play.

Drew Doughty must continue to earn the definition of his last name.

Each of you must develop a sense of humor.

Look, this team is mix of youth and veterans that bring skill and strength to the ice.  Add a consistent ingredient of work ethic and smart play, and there isn’t a team in this league that can beat the Kings.  You know this so relax and enjoy the ride.  With all my heart, I believe in this team and I believe we are destined for nothing short of greatness.

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