I’m not a number cruncher, but sometimes a few odd and/or disturbing values can’t help but make themselves known after a hockey game.

81 minutes in penalties.

4 game losing streak.

1 loss away from 9th place.

Look on the bright side. Kopitar is OK. I’m sorry, that was a little toungue in cheek, since Anze Kopitar has not been OK for quite some time.

I took a lot of notes on the game for this report, seeing as how I’ve been a little absent from the site lately I wanted to come back strong. Unfortunately, most of those notes contain the term “suck” or an elongated “BS”… so I threw them out.

Not every Kings stunk up the ice tonight. In fact, all things considered, this was another loss that probably should have been more exaggerated if not for some superb efforts by Ersberg, Parse, Simmonds, Moller, Drewiske and most notably, Richardson, who played one of the best games I’ve seen from him with a crown on his chest. I already know as many of you read that last sentence, you saw ‘Ersberg’ and ‘superb’ in the same sentence and have already screamed in your head or elsewhere “but what about Conroy’s goal?!”

For those of you fortunate enough to miss this heavy hitting but suffocatingly annoying game from a Kings fans’ perspective, the goal I am referring to was Calgary’s second and the ultimate game-winner. It came off of Craig Conroy’s stick, his first goal of the season (just a few games late) and was assisted by Jack Johnson and Ersberg, regardless of what the boxscore claims. Ersberg went behind the net to play the puck, one of a few ill-timed decisions to do so, got caught up and fumbled the puck as he was stick checked by a Calgary forward. Then, Johnson tried to recover, but was checked as well and tipped the puck directly to an open Conroy who had an even more open net to shoot at, Ersberg apparently hoping to stop the puck through telekenisis.

Ok, it was a bad play. Other than that however, Ersberg played a very strong game, especially for someone who has only seen pucks in practice for quite some time. Several moments spring to mind, particularly one where Ersberg’s strong left pad kept out repeated shots from David Moss and Daymond Langkow. But yes, the Conroy goal was a stupid play, though one can easily argue that Dustin Brown’s soul-sucking effort on a penalty shot was worse. Brown lost the puck stick-handling from his backhand to his forehand as he skated by the hash marks. So much for a momentum boost that would have nullified Conroy’s lame goal (the penalty shot came 2 minutes after Calgary’s second goal). Ex-Kings certainly have been showing up in Kings’ games lately moreso than some current Kings.

Even tough I am loath to do so, we all must tip our hats to Mikka Kipprusof. The goofy bastard played a hell of a game, the kind that makes me very glad this is the last time the Kings’ will have to face him for the remainder of the regular season. “Kipper” (isn’t that an item on a menu at Jewish Delis?) made key saves on Moller, Doughty and Smyth, burning holes through players backs to find pucks and remaining strong in his crease as the Kings actually tried to muck it up in front from time to time.

You already know that Anze Kopitar was nearly killed by Phenough. If you don’t, see the post below for a video of the play that got the Scum of Calgary ejected from the game. In general, the Flames once again proved to be more than the Kings can physically handle, dishing out other huge hits, most notably to Moller and Purcell.

There is a blurry thing in my vision. At first, when it appeared last Saturday, I thought it was just a normal, but persistent eye floater. Then on Monday I realized it was actually red. Tonight the vision became slightly clearer.

Is that… could it… no, it can’t be. A panic button?


There is still hope to end 2009 properly.

Unless of course you’re in Australia. In that case you’re screwed.

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