For those of you that did not see the game or the hit, here is Diane Phaneuf’s hit on Kopitar.

Here is what it comes down to – when you watch the video, you see two things. Kopitar going for the puck and Phaneuf going for Kopitar. His eyes are on Anze the entire time and he timed his hit when Anze was the most vulnerable and reaching for the puck. So, what does that make Phaneuf? A $6,000,000.00 dollar per year no-talent pussy that has been regressing in his play each of the last 3 seasons? No. He was that before this hit. What it makes Phaneuf is exactly what the NHL is seeking to eliminate from the game. Cheap and dirty. Hits like that can end careers. I am sure Phaneuf and Sutter are proud of that hit. I would expect nothing less from either of them because to anticipate halfwitted baboons to feel or do otherwise would simply be foolish on our part.

Here is a banana, Sloth…remember to share it with your defenseman while you pick insects off each other’s hair.