For those of you that did not see the game or the hit, here is Diane Phaneuf’s hit on Kopitar.

Here is what it comes down to – when you watch the video, you see two things. Kopitar going for the puck and Phaneuf going for Kopitar. His eyes are on Anze the entire time and he timed his hit when Anze was the most vulnerable and reaching for the puck. So, what does that make Phaneuf? A $6,000,000.00 dollar per year no-talent pussy that has been regressing in his play each of the last 3 seasons? No. He was that before this hit. What it makes Phaneuf is exactly what the NHL is seeking to eliminate from the game. Cheap and dirty. Hits like that can end careers. I am sure Phaneuf and Sutter are proud of that hit. I would expect nothing less from either of them because to anticipate halfwitted baboons to feel or do otherwise would simply be foolish on our part.

Here is a banana, Sloth…remember to share it with your defenseman while you pick insects off each other’s hair.

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  1. i’ve watched this hit over and over. Here are some things i’ve noticed;

    -phaneuf’s elbows are down
    -both challenging icing
    -Kopitar sees phaneuf and willing challenges him
    -kopitar was back on the ice for the next shift!
    -Game misconduct!?!

    People should understand NO defensemen will give up an icing call if they can affect it, its their job! You dont make the NHL by letting teams ice the puck then pick it up again in ur zone for a scoring chance. Hits like this are gonna happen if u challenge the icing, especially with guys like Phaneuf. The only reason guys are getting hurt on these types of plays is because they arent keeping their heads up and arent being aware of the checks. Kopitar knew he was going to get hit or else he wouldnt have tried to make the play, its hockey 101, take the hit, make the play. Unfortunately he got rocked. And the hit itself was clean, elbows down. I really cant understand the game misconduct. Felt like Kopitar was selling the hit but who knows. Inconsistent reffing once again!

    ps, hitting is a part of the game, this isnt basketball or soccer. If u elimnate the checking u destroy the game imo. If u think this hit was brutal, watch hockey from the 70s/ 80s, way more brutal than this.

  2. No one ever said “eliminate checking”.

    How exactly did Kopi sell the hit? He didn’t have much of a chance to as Phenough ran him all the way into the boards, it’s not like Kopi jumped or spun in the air or did an Avery-esque extra step-to-jump. I guess you mean selling as in he was on the ice in pain?

    Also, in reference to “Hits like this are gonna happen if u challenge the icing, especially with guys like Phaneuf.”, that is why there is a specific rule about taking the body on an icing. It’s not something defenseman are just expected to do as you claim, its something they are adamantly told NOT to do. Challenge the call, yes. But that only means racing for the puck and only the puck. Tunnel vision. Phenough had tunnel vision all right, but the puck wasn’t in his field of view, he was thinking and going for the hit all the way.

    I also don’t like the “the icing was waived off” part that Phenough and Sutter keep harping on, that’s purely an after the fact thing. Sutter had a chance to see the icing was waived off, but Phenough did not.

    Up until the very last second, even Kipprusof still thought it was an icing call. You can see his arm just start to come down as they cross over the face-off circle, which at the speed they were going is not enough time for Phenough to go from “going for the puck” to “I’m gonna cream this dude.” He was clearly going for the hit as soon as he started skating, at which point, it was still an icing call. The icing wasn’t waived off until the players were already past both linesmen, so unless they have rear-view mirrors in their visors, it should have been played like an icing call… you know, the way Kopitar played it.


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