I am finding this question asked a lot by fellow fans.  Those who fall into the category of “die-hard” have observed that his skating stride looks very different than early in the season and have commented that he looks uncomfortable and laboring on certain plays.

There are different levels of “hurt” of course but it seems counter productive to play a player that is not near 100% (because, really, nobody is a 100% all the time).  Hockey, like any other professional sport, asks maximum effort from its players.  If Kopitar cannot give it due to a nagging injury that needs a little bit of rest, doesn’t it make sense to give it?  Or play through it?

So, what do you think?  In watching him, do you believe Kopitar is playing hurt?  Shouldn’t this question be asked, especially given his 1 and 1/2 month failure to play away from the perimeter and in the high impact areas of the ice where he was scoring most of his goals early on?

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  1. i sure hope so. If not than it seems he’s really hit a wall and needs to get back to basics. Defensively he looks solid… But on offense he looks timid and lacking intensity that a first line center must have.

    So I hope he is hurting and hope they give him a few games off to get better.


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