The Kings have changed more than their on-ice product this season.  They have made good PR and marketing moves by hiring a team beat writer (Rich Hammond), increasing the user friendliness of the website,, and effectively marketing the team through media outlets.  This has resulted in more fan participation through the website, blogs, and message boards.

All good things…until now.

I can think of many analogies to the most recent announcement by Robitaille of Jeremy Roenick having a place on the Kings’ website with a video blog, but few seem more appropriate than inviting the thief into our home.

Kings fans are a proud bunch. We have lived through many years of disappointment, unkept promises, questionable acquisitions and failed attempts to build a contender.  All of those are in our past.  We have endured it all and kept our heads high. We have never wavered in our support for our team even in the face of great adversity.  But, what does it mean when arguably the face of the franchise in Luc Robitaille and one we would hope would have enough respect for the fans brings in one of the most abominate figures in Kings’ history – a player who symbolized in his lack of commitment, complete absence of heart, incompetence on the ice, lack of character, and phantom work ethic everything that was at one time wrong with this franchise.

We are neither impressed nor amused.

I cannot believe that die-hard Kings fans, those who have supported the team through it all, would have anything other than deep disappointment at this abortion of a marketing move and complete lack of respect for the fans.  Jeremy Roenick’s history with other franchises is irrelevant to the Kings.  We do not revere him for what he did not do.  We look to the 5 million dollars that he was paid, which he stole, came into the season completely out of shape and then half assed it throughout while blaming his skates and everything else for his lack of effort.  So what’s next Mr. President? Retiring Rob Blake’s number while he wears a C on his Kings’ jersey or Dan Cloutier being named team ambassador?

If you feel as I do, I call out to Kings fans to do two things: (1) write to Luc and tell him how upset you are by this move to include Roenick on anything Kings and (2) do not visit his video blog.

If the franchise has any pride or passion that it so loudly proclaims, they will own up to this mistake and quietly eliminate Roenick from the site and, as it should be, from the organization’s present and future.

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  1. Concur with everything said here. I was getting nauseated seeing/ listening to him during the Kings/ Capitals telecast. Even worse when he conceeded that he did not play “all that well”. I wanted to throw something at my television.

    Kings fans should collectively bid him one big F*** You !!!

  2. Love Luc, but really! Roenick was rude and disrespectful to our hockey team and the fans. I will NEVER read his blog. He owes us a giant apology.

  3. Blah, Jeremy Roenick is one of the greatest players in NHL history, him not performing well is not a reflection on JR, but rather a reflection on the lack of authentic hockey in fake LA.

  4. JR was a slug during his lackluster performance in a Kings sweater. The same goes for Blake. Please, Luc, do not glorify either of these regardless of how well they did many moons ago.

  5. This is why I love Love the post.


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