For those that cheer the feathered hub cap, the above is not a typo.  Your team didn’t win anything tonight. You were handed two undeserved points.  Henceforth, your team shall hereinafter be referred to as NTP (“no talent pussies”).

Coming into tonight, the Kings were on a mini roll.  Our top players were and are getting healthy.  Quick is on top of his game. In the last match, the Kings destroyed the Sharks 6-2.  And if you knew nothing more than the fact that the Kings dominated for 55 minutes, you would think we left the opponent in ashes yet again tonight…regrettably, the hockey gods sometimes have a sick sense of humor.

There was nothing the NTP could do, other than watch the Kings control the puck, the play and then at the most critical moment either (a) shoot the puck right into an out of position and scrambling Howard, (b) completely fan on the shot or (c) partially fan on a shot attempt several times until the puck came to rest beneath the NTP netminder.  I don’t take the entire credit away from Howard despite the fact that he was out of position, on the ice like a dying fish and/or on his butt for quiet a few shots. He made some good saves but if the Kings had come into this game with something that resembled a finish, Howard may have been pulled after the end of the second period as the Kings led 5-1.  Alas, the Kings, despite outshooting the NTP 52 to 24, could not get the puck past Howard for all but 1 of those shots.

Both of NTP’s goals were courtesy of horrid plays by the Kings.  On the first, Scuderi failed to cover his man after Quick gave up a terrible rebound to his weak side and put the Kings behind 1-0 with two tenth of a second left in the first.  For the next 35 minutes, L.A. dominated the NTP until they were finally rewarded by, who else, Ryan Smyth who scored his fourth goal in the last four games.  For reasons only the players may understand, the Kings then played the remaining 4:22 of the third as if they had already won the game.  Sean O’Donnell became Yaroslav Modry right before our eyes as Darren Helm (the only player wearing a NTP jersey who didn’t play like one) blew past him and, to maximize the aggravation to full capacity, never actually scored the game winning goal…that is because Jonathan Quick went to the poke check, misplayed the puck and saw the rubber biscuit go right beneath him.

So, what does a game like this hopefully teach the Kings?  I pray a painful lesson that they will never forget. Hockey is about finishing.  All guts, no glory wins you nothing.  Not being ready to win means you’re prepared to lose.  This was a gut check game.


Random Tidbit: I have no doubt that after the GM layoffs, the worst crime rate in the country and the average price of a home at $18,000.00, a great number of Detroit residents have transplanted to other states. But judging by the NTP fans at Staples tonight, one would think that someone replaced the Gretzky statute with Lady Liberty and the revised inscription that called for ignorant masses yearning to break free…and while tonight will no doubt stay in our psyche for a couple of days until we hand St. Louis its ass on Saturday, I did take some solace after the game in seeing around two dozen NTP fans standing around outside Staples Center waiting for the short bus to pick them up…all was almost right in the world again.

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  1. Hard to blame this game on quick, more like the hubcaps were rejuvenated by having some of their star players return. Still, I wish Quick played would stop playing the puck like its tennis ball and catch the damn thing!

    Still…. this is a game the flamin’ hubcaps HAD to win and a game it would of been NICE for us to win..

    ya so we were 7 sec or sooo, from tying the game… shit happens… and to be honest the wings at full strength are a hard team to match up against…

    usually teams match their top defensive team against the other team top scoring forwards…

    well all the wings lines (+they have great defense) have good 2way play… so there a hard team to match up against.

    They will put up there superior checking defensive line agains kopi, smith and brown, but their top line is soo good at 2 way play… that as a total of all thier lines… makes

    j. “who the fuck is” Howard look amazing. Shots on goals is one thing. But QUALITY shots on goal is a very difficult thing against the hubcaps.

    That said. We play good. We play better. But until we can win these games. Were still JUST the Queens.

    BUt were” Knock Knock Knocking “(Guns and roses) on Playoff’s door! and future success is just “down on the corner”(CCR!)

    And CHEERS to my fellow kings fans, that wait for that proud day, that were the team, to be measured against.

  2. Come on…Let me hear you cry some more crybaby. CRY CRYBABY CRY! Win a Cup and then your big bitch talk might mean something.

    • Certainly, the Wings’ success is something to be proud of and speaking of bitch, Red Wings games at Staples are a fascinating psychological case study. You can probably imagine that there are a good number of Wings’ fan that attend any arena in the league. In LA, a good number of them have never even been to Detroit, have any connection with the city and, in the overall scheme, fall within the category of bandwagon fans. It is incredibly easy though (unlike any other city’s fans) to distinguish between those that are the bandwagoner fans and those actually from Detroit, especially the women. The latter look like they just got out of rehab or prison, while the former your average Joe or Jane…but I disgress, I really do hope the Red Wings make the playoffs. I look at it as a public safety issue. Can you imagine the crime rate in Detroit if between April and June, those nearly 20,000 people who would otherwise fill the stadium in the evenings would have nothing to do?

      Seriously, good luck the rest of the season. I may despise your team but I dig the back and forth between the fans and I do hope the Kings achieve the Red Wings’ success…without selling their soul to the devil of course…as that has short term gain but long term pain :)

  3. Classy; you’re the first to ever insult the city of Detroit in an attempt to get at the fans of the Wings.

    You lost to a Wings team that’s had more injuries than any other team in the NHL, possibly than any team in the NHL in the last decade.

    Tough. Deal with it. It wasn’t the hockey gods frowning at you, it was your boys not putting the puck in the net when they had the chances.

    • Our boys certainly could not find the back the net. No argument there. But the injury situation really isn’t much of an excuse. If the Wings play anywhere near like they played last night in the coming weeks, they will be sniffing Anaheim’s butt for last place.

      • It’s not much of an excuse when one of your top two defenders, two of your top goal-scorers, and various other players are injured? Do you really think you have a legitimate opinion after writing this crap?

        The best case for all Kings fans would be if you stopped writing altogether.

        • So, if the Wings play well despite the injuries, you applaud them for overcoming the injuries? Or do you call it “luck”? If they play poorly, you blame the injuries and use it as justification? Injuries are part of the game. You either overcome them and play better as a team or you fail. Your comment leads me to believe you know little about the sport and even less about what it takes to win – despite supporting a team (The Red Wings) that has shown a keen ability to rise above injuries and not use it as an excuse, even when you do. For your team’s sake, let’s hope they have more heart than you give them credit for.

  4. wah wah wah cry me a river, author. its funny to see people like you come out of the woodwork after years of being a bottom feeder, much like coyotes fans this year. how is it the wings fault that your team couldn’t pull off a shot that rolled right to them? the kings pooped the bed last night and thats how it goes sometimes. you can blame your defenseman for letting a much smaller but faster helm not only get up off his knees, but pick the puck back up and drive to the net to score. outshooting does not always equal outplaying, but i will agree the kings had a tight hold for a while. as for howard being all over the crease, 51 shots will finally catch up with you and youll need your d-men to clear the crease for you. simple hockey, you jackass.

    • I didn’t blame the Wings, did I? In fact, I put 100% of the blame on the Kings. I did comment that the victory had little to do with the Wings doing much of anything. Perhaps you misunderstood. Reading comprehension and all that…

  5. more injuries to any team in the last decade? Seriously. You do realize you are talking to fans of the team that not only set but SHATTERED the man-games lost record just 6 (or was it 5?) Years ago.

    Though didn’t St. Louis set a new record last year or the year before? Whereever Andy Murray goes, injuries are sure to follow.

    As for all the ‘wah wah’ stuff, I’m quite sure people as classy as yourselves would have just bowed your heads in shame and kept your mouths shut had the SOG and Goals been reserved.

    I will say Helm is a hell of a player. I feel partially responsible for this loss because at the start of the 3rd I asked a Wings’ fan when Helm became Detroit’s best player.

    • 5/18 players on the Wings HAVEN’T been injured this season. 7/20 if you want to include Howard and Osgood.

      Of those injured, almost all of them have been to top 6 forwards or top 4 defensemen, the top 50% of the team.

      The only three players of impact to have not been injured at this point are Lidstrom, Datsyuk, and Stuart.

      • I didn’t say the Wings haven’t had significant injury problems, I was responding to “You lost to a Wings team that’s had more injuries than any other team in the NHL, possibly than any team in the NHL in the last decade.” In the NHL right now, sure. In the decade? That’s where you get no sympathy from Kings’ fans.


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