Pardon my blundars.

I’m am infected with rot.

While the final score tonight was 4-3 Blues, it may as well been 8-0. I have a hard time finding a Kings’ player who had a good game or effectively executed the system.

Retrovision being immaculate, it is hard to find a reason why Erik Ersberg should not have started this game. From here, the Kings go on to play powerhouses such as the Devil, Boston, San Jose twice and the cursed Wings once again. What better game to throw the oft-less used backup?

There isn’t one.

Quick was not sharp, but nor was the defense in front of him. Or the offense.

Or the fans.

Dith game wus e dizaster.

Not 15 seconds into the contest did the 14th place Blues hold a 1-0 lead. Brad Winchester was eventually credited with the goal that changed hands throughout the game. Winchester also managed to goad Matt Greene and Sean O’Donnell into fights that only served to further embarrass the team playing in front of a supposed sell-out crowd. Greene also fought B.J. Crombeen… but let’s just forget that ever happened.

The Kings never managed to control the play for a significant length of time. Perhaps the play controlled in inversely related to Raitis Ivanans’ ice time. Just a thought… probably a useless one.

From there, the Kings gave one of two ever so slight glimmers of hope when Brandon Segal tied it up in the second period off a dirty slapshot pegged for the top left corner, his 1st NHL goal. Congrats Segal. Shame on the rest of you Kings.

It is appropriate that earlier today I fashioned this for an inquiring Kings’ fan:

Said hope lasted through most of the second period, until Dustin Brown, experiencing double-vision, hit an apparition of David Perron in the slot. Unfortunately, the real David Perron stood his ground and made our Captain look the fool as he beat Quick with a signature wrist shot.

From that point, I had stopped caring. So much so that when Duthtin Brown spun and potted a goal just over halfway through the 3rd period, I didn’t bother standing up, despite how nice the section 119 seats were that I was given so generously. The two Blues goals that came before in the period, belonging to T.J. Oshie and Crombeen, had something to do with it.

Kopitar also scored a goal. A deceptive brightspot on what was mostly an ineffective game for the new enigma of the team.

One thing happened that was quite peculiar. While the Blues were celebrating their opening goal, the refs were discussing a penalty I had never seen called; a bench minor for an illegal substitution. Basically a Blue’s player was on the ice for the opening face-off that wasn’t supposed to be according to the starting roster. My question is why does the goal still count if the penalty technically occurred as soon as the puck was dropped on the play?

Maybe I will look up the answer, or maybe I will kick a possum. I don’t know. This weekend sucks.

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