Matt Greene’s role on this team is not to fight.  He is a physical, stay at home defenseman – one whose value to the team is predominantly in our own zone.

Raitis’ Ivanans’ purpose is two-fold: (1) to avoid fights from occurring through his presence and (2) to fight in the place of others when the time calls.

Last night, on more than one occasion, the call was made.  Janssen challenged him twice.  Winchester did so once. Ivanans walked away. The message?  He doesn’t wish to fight. The result? Greene and O’Donnell fight in his stead. The consequence?

QUESTION: Is this what he [Greene] had been trying to play through over the last couple games, or is it something new?

MURRAY: It’s something new. It’s something that happened in the last fight he had. Again, I’m not real sure as to the extent or anything. He’s going to be an MRI from our team doctor, and then we’ll have some more information on it.

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