Please oh please.

Link to the fourth period.

“One well placed source told TFP last night Kings GM Dean Lombardi is traveling to Atlanta to not only scout the team but presumably speak with Waddell face-to-face. ”

Legitimate sources (people not associated with have recently pegged the Kings as going hard after Kovalchuk.

In addition to the TFP report, in the last day Darren Dreger and Pierre LeBrun have linked the Kings to making a big push for Kovalchuk.

Link to Darren Dreger.

Link to CBC story.

“‘They brought in [forward] Ryan Smyth [via trade last July], they brought in [free-agent defenceman] Rob Scuderi. Now they want the big star,’ LeBrun said.”

Will it ultimately mean anything? Who knows… but I need something to be excited about until the next win.

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  1. I like our chances of possibly landing Kovi,but I liked our chances last year with Hossa,Gaboric,and Heatley.Landing Kovi would be a Boost to our club,and it’s obvious that you care.I just hate to get my hopes up just to be let down.Until it actually happens I try to put it out of my mind.Thanks for the links though.

    • I feel you. Just last night I was telling a friend at the game that I kind of wish I wasn’t so addicted to swallowing every morsel of Kings’ info on the net for just that reason… hopes and dreams that turn out to be no more than stale green beans.

    • Actually losing out on Gaborik and Hossa is the very reason that I don’t think DL will lose out on Kovy. I just hope he doesn’t overpay.

  2. Surly JDM… who do u see us giving up? i’d like to see (as much as i love fro & really dont want him to go in the hopes of having him play with and feed Kovi … a Fro Kovi Loki line would be awesome…) Fro, Johnson, a Lewis/Purcell & a few draft picks… maybe a 1st rder… if theyd want simmonds, i’d have to agree to include him in the package… but personally i really wouldnt mind parting with JJ… let Teubert become the new JMFJ aka CMFT (colton mf teubert) especially with our Dman depth with Muzzin signed, Teubert Hickey… they all have the ability of JJ and with Doughnuts JJ becomes expendable i think

  3. Well we know Kovi’s going to the KHL next year because no team wants to shell out the moolah for him. So might as well rent him out for the season and see if that works? We’re deep enough in prospects to where we can get rid of a couple draft picks so they can rebuild while getting rid of cap space (we know we have so much to spare as it is)

  4. I think this enthusiasm about Kovalchuk is kind of crazy. He will be an UFA at the end of the year. The Kings could trade away some good players, a 6 months from now be left with nothing. Some GM out there may give him a Hossa like deal that ruins the cap space for a long time, or go to the KHL.


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