If I were going to advocate to Dean Lombardi the need for a pure goal scorer, the last three games would be exhibits 1, 2 and 3, respectively. The Sharks came out like they usually do – skating hard and getting scoring chances.  They scored early on a harmless looking high shot from the point by defenseman Dan Boyle which was deflected by Sean O’Donnell past Ersberg.  The first ended 1-0.  Joe Thornton made it 2-0 on a pass / shot to Dany Heatley who whacked in the puck baseball style to give the Sharks a 2-0 lead. Randy Jones cut the lead to one goal and from there, the game resembled the one against Detroit.  The Kings worked hard and they had many potential opportunities, but alas, when Dustin Brown is playing like a 4th line hack of a right wing with little hockey sense and a turn over machine, Anze Kopitar gets 1 out of every 5 shots on net and Frolov can’t buy a goal, “finishing” will be a problem.

Give Nabokov credit.  He made some big saves against Smyth, Stoll, and Doughty, each of which had good games.

While I am sure we will hear from the usual suspects how the Kings played better, better wasn’t good enough to win and at this time of the season, better means nothing without wins.  By this time tomorrow, the Red Wings may leap frog the Kings into 8th place, as they face off against the New York Islanders on Tuesday and the Kings will be on the outside of the playoff window looking in.  And that my fellow die-hard Kings maniacs is simply unacceptable.

Go Kings.

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