Wait a second…I’m still enjoying this…yeah.  Feels good.

So, before tonight’s game I spoke with a good friend (with the only unfortunate handicap of being a Ducks fan) and I told him I hope he enjoys the Kings’ 7-0 victory tonight.  He laughed…I was only partially joking.

Dustin Brown has played a few head scratching games this season. Tonight wasn’t one of them. While he will never wow you with slick one on one moves or break away speed, Dustin did tonight what he does best. Go through anything on his way to the net.  Alexander Frolov, with a nifty spin-o-rama, left the Ducks’ defenseman behind and made a beautiful back hand pass to a crashing Dustin Brown who tipped in the puck while falling to the ice.  That mini milestone goal gave Dustin 100 in his career.

Before that second period goal to give the Kings a 3-0 lead, it all started with Michal Handzus’ tip in of a hard and heavy Jack Johnson wrist shot that gave the Kings a 1-0 lead.  Scott Parse scored the Kings’ second goal on a slapper by Rob Scuderi that pin balled to the net and under Hiller’s left pad.

Hiller out.

Giguere in.

It didn’t help.

At the end of the second, Ryan Getzlaf objected to a Wayne The Night Train Simmonds’ cold shoulder that rocked him back. Ryan is no slouch, but if there is one unassuming but very talented Kings forward that Getzlaf may find himself on the wrong end of fist-a-cuffs, it may be Simmonds.  The fun didn’t stop there though. Wayne also potted the Kings’ fourth goal on a shot from the red line that went to review. A lengthy discussion in Toronto culminated in the Kings’ favor.  The video appeared inconclusive but apparently the on-ice linesman called it a goal and therefore the inconclusive replay could not change the call. Randy Carlyle congratulated the stripes on a fine call.

The Kings started the third with a 4-0 hangover, and the Ducks drew a penalty on Jack Johnson.  That penalty kill was like a shot of adrenalin. Los Angeles killed the man disadvantage. The Ducks got zero shots on goal. Anaheim started to show its frustration and attempted to play a rougher game but cheap shots don’t compensate for a lack of heart.

So, would Quick get a shut…a shut…ou…don’t want to jinx it.

The Kings killed a 5 on 3.

Simmonds and some forgettable Ducks AHL scrub went toe to toe.

Ryan Carter’s vagina was especially wet for Dustin Brown in the third. He kept trying to start a fight with Brownie. Dustin kept reminding Carter that he doesn’t waste his time with no talent pussies.  Carter however refused to take no for an answer and with under 5 minutes left in the game, he added “stupid” to his resume by taking on Raitis Ivanans.  Carter should consider himself lucky that he wasn’t carried off the ice and the refs jumped in just in time to save his imminently destroyed face.

Kings’ mascot Bailey started singing opera with the fat lady over the Staples Center’ speakers…The Ducks knew they were no match tonight and, if Dean Lombardi has anything to say about it, they never will be again.

Bobby Ryan’s hit isn’t worth mentioning.  Call it a lack of character or otherwise, he and his team were weighed and measured, and left wanting.  Better have your head on a swivel next time kid.

I realize that there may be Anaheim Ducks fan that are reading this article.  First, welcome.  Second, we do sometimes use big words around here so here is a simpler recap of the game.

Oh did I mention?


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  1. Bobby,I think you really have the jist of what transpired tonight.


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