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Terry Murray stated in the post game interview on the subject of team verses individual play,””Crosby [made an] unbelievable play, breaking through the two defensemen, holding on and making the difference in the game…I’d like to think that we can get a guy like that some day. Maybe Kopi [Anze Kopitar] can break through and be that player someday but right now we don’t have it. So we need to attack as five and we need to defend as five. And anytime we stray from that it becomes a concern.”

In light of the Kovalchuk to Los Angeles rumors, that quote has shaken a few hearts and stirred a few minds.  Those who look upon Kovalchuk as the missing piece (no offense to the original “piece”, Rob Scuderi) to a Stanley Cup run would look upon that quote as a prophecy of a coming day.  Those who know Murray’s history and the blunt force honesty of his tongue however read that quote for what it is – telling Kopitar, Brown and the rest of the team that you cannot single handedly win games, you’re not good enough [in Kopitar’s case, yet] and so please play as a five man unit.

So, before you rush out to stitch Kovalchuk’s name on the back of your jersey, take solace in the fact that he’s not here…yet…

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