I cannot compare him to a former King anymore.  It used to be…but it isn’t anymore.

He does the following things well: Skate, stickhandle, pass, shoot, score, hit and fight.  He plays solid, positionally sound defense and a puck possession, intelligent offensive game.

Have you seen his plus-minus?  Take a look here, I’ll wait…

You weren’t supposed to look at Jack’s.  I know, you couldn’t resist.

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  1. I can’t agree more here, simmonds is the total package and i hope to God the kings keep em given their track record with trading away talent, i love watching this guy play!I’ve been a kings fan since the 80’s and can’t ever remember us having this much depth – loktionov, mikus, kozun, scheen, hickey, teubert, cliffird, bernier and zatkoff to name a few. Doughty is the best d man we’ve had since zhitnik/blake. Its obvious to me that dl is the best thing thats happened to this club since the great one being from philly its good see him with my beloved kings!
    GO KINGS!!!!


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