Some games leave you speechless and shaking your head, especially when a victory would have landed the Kings in 6th place and created more space between teams in pursuit.

You look at the goaltending and shrug your shoulders.  You recall the play by Randy Jones and shake your head.  You hear the powerplay coach, Jamie Kompon, interviewed between periods and just become angry…and it is the latter that has been, is and at some point has to stop being the key to losses.  Hockey is a game of momentum and opportunities. Fail to take advantage of those provided and the team sets itself up for failure. Play loose defense and add average goaltending and the team never had a chance, especially against a good team like the San Jose Sharks.

Several things were obvious:

1. Jamie Kompon should quit and do so soon. His incompetent, one-dimensional and passive powerplay structure has taken a team with mobile forwards and defenseman, excellent one time shooters like Stoll, Frolov, Doughty and Jack Johnson, as well as capable front of the net presence players like Smyth, Brown, Handzus and Simmonds and planted their feet on the ice.  Mobile, creative, proactive and aggressive – everything the Kings’ powerplay is not. Everything that defines Jamie Kompon as a baboon masquerading as a powerplay coach.

2. Quick needs to be at least good if we are going to win. Tonight, he wasn’t.  It happens.

3. Failing to finish, again and again.

4. 40 minutes of good hockey doesn’t generally compensate for 20 minutes of horrible hockey against a good team, especially without any game breakers on the team.

5. Give the opposing team 3 power play goals and the result will suck.

6. When you are down by 3 or more goals, Ivanans should never see the ice.

7. For the love of everything right, waive Jones, deport him to Greenland or take him in the back by the chemical sheds…just get him off the ice.

I love this team.

I hate losing.

I loathe losing for the same reason.

But I love our readers and I love this team…we’re going to the playoffs this season boys, even if it means I have to deliver to Kompon the horse’s head myself.

Go Kings.

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