Kings coach Terry Murray told this to Rich Hammond about the potential return of Ted Purcell:

“There’s a potential that he could go in. I’ve got to think about that. We’re looking for some power-play creativity. He can bring that. He’s got skill and he’s been out of the lineup for a while. I can’t let him sit there and just die on the vine. He’s been doing everything that we could possibly have asked from him, off the ice and on-ice work. So there is a fairness thing that kicks in here, too. And if you’re not getting the job done, in some areas that you feel need to be adjusted, then that’s a change that I have to take a look at.”

Ted Purcell has 6 points in 37 games. He is a -1.  He has one powerplay goal. I sincerely hope Terry Murray thinks long and hard about “that” because, if I know Dean Lombardi like I think I do, the only value Ted Purcell may have if his play this season is an indication of his worth to Dean is being part of a package deal that brings us back a player from another team. Maybe there is a Matt Moulson in Purcell. Who the hell knows. I believe there is. I believe he is being misused. So, unless Purcell somehow turns into a checking winger (which he is not), I doubt his inner beast is coming out on this hockey team. He’ll go light it up someplace else…under a different coach who knows that not every skilled playmaker is a grinder.

Go Kings.

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  1. That guy is no messiah


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