Since I screwed up and neglected to notice that the delay to start the third period against the Red Wings was indeed because of a suicidal or simply insane Detroit fan who climbed the rafters and not some fixture that might have come crashing down. That’s when.

My mistake.

Chalk one up for the security staff at the Joe.

As for the crazed fan who found his way onto the high beams…

Can you blame him?

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  1. Can’t blame him at all.After their 3rd blown 2 goal lead in their last 4 games.If it were LA he would have just went on the freeway and shot someone.

  2. I think we should have this guy come to the opposition arena on all road trips

  3. It looked sort of like he was humping the rails. Maybe somebody slipped some LSD in his beer and he started to hallucinate about Anna Kournikova swinging in the treetops? Too bad they had to ruin his trip.


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