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  1. A disgruntled Leafs fan obviously, jealous that they are still in the shitter and the Kings are on their way to the top of the league.

  2. Playoff march…. hahahahaahahahahahahah hilarious, still bitter over ’93?

  3. I think he is bitter over everything.

    He does one of these every game I think and they are usually this funny and ridiculous, because, well, the Leafs are always losing.

  4. It’s understadable. He’s a little slow. Poor Guy. Doesn’t know the difference between good and bad.

  5. thats not groovy…

  6. I guess he forgot when Potvin was a Leaf…Felix couldn’t stop top shelf shots, either. Wasn’t much better with the Kings. I think the Leafs train them that way.

    • come on BZ Potvin was an amazing goalie all the saves he made as a leaf.Really he was left all alone most every night and ran over by his own team from time to time. Personally i think on any other team in his prime he might have been an all-star.The leafs in my opinion have ruined more good goalies than any other team,They all became shell-shocked and suffered post traumatic stress disorder.Bester Fuhr Potvin Cujo Belfour Toskela (any others you can think of add here) NEXT>>> Gigure NHL careers R.I.P……

  7. Idiot? Disgruntled? Jealous? Bitter? Slow? What do you expect from your average Leafs fan? It’s now plainly clear why Brian Burke left Orange County for the greener pastures of TO.

    Pugnacity, testosterone, truculence, belligerence, and imbecility.

    I say the Leafs should hire this guy as their official spokesperson.

  8. There’s nothing funny about mental retardation….ok, it’s a little funny.


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