Since we beat the Red Wings, there has been an increasing quiet confidence about this team that permeates through every player. Each game, they look and play like a team that expects to win. Confidence. Talent. Effort. You can see it with their play. You can hear it in their interviews. You can sense it in everything the team does.

The Kings have turned a corner.

I love my Kings. Our Kings. Go Kings!

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  1. I sense the warm breath and soft lips and kinky whispers of a beautiful woman whose mouth is moving along my neck…

    If the Kings are feeling what I’m feeling, we all know something good is on the verge of happening.


  2. hello from saskatchewan canada.Being an oiler fan with nothing to cheer about this year it really sucks to see how well the former oilers on the kings are doing.Smitty is flying high stoll is doing well and seems to have regained his form from a couple of years ago.Green,well he is still Green.Your Kings are doing well and are fun and entertaining to watch;LUCKY FANS. As good as they are however i kind of have to wonder about your development theres always this question on defence.Your head guys sign this guy trade that guy and talk about another guy who always seems to be more hype than he is worth.Im not talking about your big guns like Dougty or Johnson but the other shut down guys that never seem to do the job.What i am wondering is why a guy like Drew Bagnell has never been given a shot.I know you have never heard of him,well he is i think the captain of the farm team Manchester Monarchs.I watched this guy as a junior as he captained his sask junior team this guy wears his heart on his sleave and plays to win every game.He was captain of his university team and has been a force for every team he has played for.This kid plays through injury thinks and plays like Scott Stevens not many guys dump the puck on his side of the ice cause getting that puck back is a real bitch and generally hurts ALOT!!! TRUST ME GIVE DREW A SHOT you wont be sorry.P.S.i read the articles too i know they say he is slow ; you dont have to skate fast when the other guy is on his ass or out cold.Check him out you wont be sorry,then you will wonder like iam why is he not playing for the kings.

    • First, you are welcome here anytime to talk puck. The Oilers have a rich history and your city loves hockey too much to allow the recent slumps to affect the team long term.

      Regarding Bagnall, you kind of answered your own question – it’s the skating and you may be surprised to know that many Kings fans, myself included, know Drew’s game very well. He is a heart and soul player but the AHL is a much slower league and that lack of foot speed, especially with the first step (and not so much mid range or top end) will not serve him well on the dots to boards game. With that said, I am confident that it is only a matter of time with Drew. He has become a good positional defenseman, blocks shots, hits (as you observed) and is a lunch pale king of guy. Coincidentally the best thing that ever happened to him was the Kings’ new style of play that emphasized defensive responsibility. So, Drew’s time will come. He has to keep working on that skating stride and first step. With that improvement, there is no reason he cannot be a solid number 5-6 guy on the Kings.

  3. me again , what is with the idiot talking about the kings being crappy? The only type of person that can be that delusional : Leaf Fan HAHAHAHA,thats funny and im an oiler fan.

  4. thank you for your hospitality bobby,i appreciate your honesty.I am pleased that there is somone watching Drew,he was a fan favorite when he played here and had the good fortune to know the guy personally.Of any guy i have ever met nobody deserves a shot more than Drew.Never met anyone with that much heart and desire,teams talk about going “to war”,well he is the good soldier you want on your side.This kid will bleed for his team and lay it all on the line every time.When he has a bad shift coaches never have to tell him,he will take care of it himself.Always did probably always will.There is a lot of NHL players could learn something from him.


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